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NHSCA TFXC posted a news article - Jul 22 2014, 11:54 PM
NHSCA Announces the 2014 Coach of the Year Honorees      PRESS RELEASE...
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NHSCA TFXC featured a news article - Jul 20 2014, 05:55 AM
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Janke ahead of Peloquin? Ok, I guess you're expecting a breakthrough year, we'll find out. He will need to if North Central is going to be the #1 team in US. I hope they do it, it would be great for a team from WA win nationals two years in a row!
Geberkidane graduated and signed at Oklahoma State. i thought you followed this stuff?
thanks for the heads up, we have it fixed now
NHSCA TFXC featured a news article - Jul 20 2014, 05:28 AM
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NHSCA TFXC posted a news article - Jul 8 2014, 11:53 PM
Membership I Education Resource Center I Insurance I Coaches I Athletes I Programs   ...
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Coaches that become members of the NHSCA also become voting members for the national team rankings coaches poll TBA.
NHSCA TFXC featured a news article - Jun 10 2014, 07:03 PM
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Coach Mostert
Bruno Hunziker is the girls coach at American Fork, not Timo Mostert (boys coach).
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1. .5293 North Central HS, Spokane, Washington - Northwest #1
Head Coach Jonathan Knight - Tanner Anderson, Justin Janke, Sam Sjoberg, Jacob Christner, Hank Knight, Andrew Vandine
2. .5284 Christian Brothers Academy HS, Lincroft, New Jersey - Northeast #1
Head Coach Tom Heath - Blaise Ferro, Aidan Durney, Brian Dengler, Greg Paugh, Josh Kruppa, Patrick Hiler, John Morris, Thomas Dengler
3. .5273 Great Oak HS, Temecula, California - California #1
Head Coach Doug Soles - Nicholas Doan, Tony Robinson, Isaac Cortes, Robbie Gleeson, Cole Spencer, Nelson Quintana, Anthony Arvizu, Solomon Fountain
4. .5270 La Salle Academy HS, Providence, Rhode Island - Northeast #2
Head Coach Kenneth Skelly - Jack Salisbury, Math Bouthilette, David Principe Jr., Jake Grundy, Daniel Paiva III, Connor Hennesey, James Placco, Justin Guglimetti
5. .5263 Fayetteville Manlius HS, Manlius, New York #1
Head Coach Bill Aris - Bryce Millar, Adam Hunt, Kyle Barber, Jonathan Abbott, Bryan Geener, Patrick Perry
6. .5197 Brea Olinda HS, Brea, California - California #2
Head Coach Jeremy Mattern - Austin Tamagno, Austin Shellito, Angel Escobar, Jeff Sipple, Giovanni Orellani
7. .5186 Wayzata HS, Plymouth, Minnesota - Heartland #1
Head Coach Bill Miles - Connor Olson, Jaret Carpenter, Ian Eklin, Andrew Quirk, Jack Prazich, Andrew Millan, Nicholas Shaleen, Wes Heal
8. .5105 Eastlake HS, Sammamish, Washington - Northwest #2
Head Coach Troy Anderson - Nathan Pixler, Adamson Bryant, Cade Falkner, Shane Cornfield, Grant Flindt, Ben Fixman
9. .5103 Davis HS, Kaysville, Utah - Southwest #1
Head Coach Corbin Talley - Josh Ward, Logan MacKay, Stokton Smith, Colter Blanchard, Colton Riman 
10. .4995 American Fork HS, American Fork, Utah - Southwest #2
Head Coach Timo Mostert - Jacob Chase, McKay Johns, Daniel Bentley, Zachary Jacklin, Nathan Tracy, Hagen Harmer


1. .5310 Great Oak HS, Temecula, California - California #1
Head Coach Doug Soles - Destiny Collins, Kiyena Beatty, Desiree Stinger, Evelyn Mandel, Ally Tallpash, Audrey Wallis, Maiya Larson, Michelle McIntosh, Macey Pflughoft, Emily Clause
2. .5304 Fayetteville Manlius HS, Manlius, New York - New York #1
Head Coach Bill Aris - Annika Avery, Jenna Farrell, Samantha Levy, Sophie Ryan, Makenzie Pierie, Jessica Howe, Megan Menz, Reilly Madsen
3. .5289 Desert Vista HS, Phoenix, Arizona - Southwest #1
Head Coach Jeff Messer - Danielle Jones, Mason Swenson, Baylee Jones, Mandy Davis, Madi Bucci
4. .5259 Saratoga Springs HS, Saratoga, New York - New York #2
Head Coach Art Kranick - Estella Smith, Carly Vetter, Mary Ellen Penzer, Peyton Engborg, Spencer Hayes, Keellyn Cummings
5. .5243 Davis Senior HS, Davis, California - California #2
Head Coach Bill Gregg - Fiona O'Keeffe, Sofia Castiglioni, Jeanne-Marie Macpherson, Giulia McIsaac, Maggie McManis, Abigail Fisk, Claire Dicker
6. .5190 Birmingham Seaholm HS, Birmingham, Michigan - Midwest #1
Head Coach Jeff Devantier - Audrey Belf, Rachel Dadamio, Mary Sanders, Marissa Dobry, Julia Demko, Delaney O'Brien, Patty Girardot
7. .5131 Carmel HS, Carmel, Indiana - Midwest #2
Head Coach Mark Ellington - Haley Harris, Kelsey Harris, Stacy Morozov, Lucy Allan, Anna Schmitz, Claire Corvari
8. .5112 Saugus HS, Santa Clarita, California - California #3
Head Coach Rene Paragas - Sabrina Janes, Samantha Ortega, Ashley Heys, Megan Tuinstra, Darby LaPlant, Mackinzie Moncibais
9. .5093 Blacksburg HS, Blacksburg, Virginia - Southeast #1
Head Coach James DeMarco - Jennifer Fleming, Bonnie Angermeier, Olivia Hodge, Samantha Marin, Annie Kay Combs, Emily Beatty
10. .5090 Simi Valley HS, Simi Valley, California - California #4
Head Coach Rogers Evans - Olivia Roselini, Sarah Winkler, Sarah Riggs, Desirae Jones, Samantha Barajas